The Quantum Bang Theory
Patrick Tonin

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”
Max Planck

"Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful so compelling that when in a decade, a century, a millennium we grasp it, we will say to each other, how could it have been otherwise ? How can we have been so blind for so long ?"
John Wheeler


The Quantum Bang Theory describes the Universe as a growing spinning sphere of layered information, itself made of smaller elementary growing spinning spheres of layered information. Each layer is composed of Planck size Quantum Bits of potential information (QBs), defined as two opposite states (Existence/Non-existence).
Primordial consciousness, defined as a third state, turns each bit of potential information into real information, creating our 3D reality. Space and time are quantized and are represented by a lattice of elementary information spheres. Our 3D reality is created from a combination of the elementary spheres surfaces. Past, present and future coexist as nested layers of information.
The fundamental dimensions of Time (T), Length (L), Mass (M), Charge (Q) and temperature (Θ) are linked in a way that causes our 3D reality to scale up with time. The passing of time simply represents the steady change in scale of our 3D reality.
It is proposed that the Hubble constant is always exactly equal to the inverse of the age of the Universe. The Universe did not start with a "big bang" but with a "soft bang" in the form of an ongoing steady creation of space and matter consisting of nested pairs of elementary information spheres (Existence/Non-existence). Our "Existence" Universe is coupled with an identical "Non-existence" Universe and it is the opposition of these two Universes that gives the energy to each of them. The total amount of energy of the whole Universe (including both Universes) will always amount to zero.

The Quantum Bang Equations

The Quantum Bang Theory postulates that the fundamental dimensions of Time (T), Length (L), Charge (Q), Temperature (Θ) and Mass (M) are linked as follows

To support this claim, the following equations are proposed

Using the 2014 CODATA recommended values, the above equation gives the following result: 1.000000016

Using the 2014 CODATA recommended values, the above equation gives the following result: 1.00000011

From the above, the following equations using Planck units can be derived

NB: The "1" in the equations is effectively dimensionless (because all 5 dimensions are linked and they cancel out). Therefore, whatever system of units of measurement we use, that ratio, will always be 1.

Assuming the above equation is equal to 1 exactly, a more precise value of the gravitational constant G can be derived:

A more precise value of the Boltzmann constant k can also be derived:


The quantum realm and the cosmos are linked

Age of the Universe

Hubble constant

Weinberg empirical formula

From the above equations we can derive an equation very similar to Weinberg’s empirical formula, but this time giving the exact value for the electron mass


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